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Fresh chapter and challenge for new Senior Deputy Greffier

THE new Senior Deputy Greffier said her previous career in law enforcement would help her in her new role.

Clare Cuthbert is the new Senior Deputy Greffier. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 28370495)

Clare Cuthbert has taken over from Simon Ross who was appointed to the newly created States Greffier position, dealing only with parliamentary matters.

Among her tasks, Miss Cuthbert will have senior managerial responsibility for all court clerks and she will manage the Guernsey Court of Appeal.

‘This is a new chapter and challenge for me and I’ll be able to use the managerial experience I gained with Law Enforcement,’ she said.

‘It’ll be a big learning curve though, particularly when it comes to the civil courts and the Court of Appeal.’

Miss Cuthbert joined the Cheshire Constabulary aged 18 in 1988 and she transferred to Guernsey in 2001. She was Acting Superintendent with Guernsey Police by the time she retired on her birthday on 17 February this year.

Her plan to spend four months cycling around Europe was curtailed by the Covid-19 pandemic and she returned to Guernsey on 20 March.

There are other aspects to her new role which she took up on 11 May.

‘There’s an ongoing digitalisation programme throughout the court system which I’ll be a part of,’ she said.

‘The justice system is being reviewed too and we have to ensure equality for all users, for example when it comes to issues like self-representing parties.’

A lot of processes which the court follows at the moment are set in law, she said.