‘It shouldn’t be a case of drivers v. cyclists on roads’

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ROAD users need to have mutual respect for one another, whether they are walking, in a car or on a bike, the president of Environment & Infrastructure has said.

Environment & Infrastructure president Deputy Barry Brehaut, left, and Colin Le Page, licensing and operations manager for the States, at the announcement of uphill cycling on the pavement at Le Val des Terres. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 28534622)

Barry Brehaut said road use cannot have the mindset of drivers v. cyclists.

Many cyclists also used cars and motorists often opted for active travel to some destinations too.

‘We need to give those different road users mutual respect and space on the roads and we cannot condemn a whole group just because one behaves in a way you think is irresponsible,’ he said.

‘On any day, cyclists are in the minority and within that minority there is a very small percentage who might do something other road users feel is irresponsible.

‘But if I see a car speeding, I do not condemn all drivers and say they are all reckless.

‘In the same way, we should not look to condemn all cyclists when the majority are sensible.

‘Motorists also have to respect as well that cyclists can cycle on the main roads even when there is a cycle path. They have a right to use whatever infrastructure is available to them.’

He said Guernsey was quite limited as it could not rely entirely on one-ways and contra-flows.


While there are opportunities for some, it would be incredibly difficult to achieve what the UK can do with wider, bigger roads, particularly outside of St Peter Port.

‘It is difficult in Guernsey to have dedicated bus and cycle lanes as most of the roads are very narrow,’ Deputy Brehaut said.

‘If you cannot widen the roads then you have to look at things like one-way systems with contra-flow bike lanes.’

He recognised that E&I did need to look at what can be done to manage the traffic so that cyclists and pedestrians feel safe.

Zoe Fitch

By Zoe Fitch
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