Election candidates’ posters are stolen

ELECTORAL candidates are falling victim to what was branded as the ‘phantom poster stealer’.

Sasha Kazantseva-Miller has had four posters stolen.  (Picture supplied by Sasha Kazantseva-Miller)
Sasha Kazantseva-Miller has had four posters stolen. (Picture supplied by Sasha Kazantseva-Miller)

Previous elections have seen similar occurrences, although so far this year it is believed the phenomenon is not widespread.

Yvonne Burford said: ‘I’ve had four posters go missing from different locations. Of course it’s not possible to say exactly why anyone would remove them, but it is disappointing.

‘Nevertheless, lots of people have commented to me favourably about them. I’ll be ensuring they all come down straight after the election.’

On Twitter Mrs Burford said: ‘It appears I’m not alone in suffering from the phantom poster stealer.’

Of a total 20 posters, Sasha Kazantseva-Miller too had four posters taken – two in Torteval, one near Specsavers and one on Route de Plaisance in St Peter’s.

‘One along Route de Plaisance near Edible Guernsey disappeared in the first week of the campaign. Three of them were taken between Saturday night and Monday morning – most likely on Sunday evening or night.’

Discovering they were missing was a shock for the candidate.

‘I am told that this occurs during every election, however I still find it hard to believe.

‘I felt quite sad really, it did not feel like the Guernsey Together spirit. We are putting so much effort into reaching as many voters during the island- wide voting, so it’s just sad to see something like that happen in our lovely community.’

Mrs Kazantseva-Miller said it is impossible to speculate what happened.

‘Some people have suggested they were taken to be pinned up as posters in people’s homes.’

Losing posters comes at the candidate’s expense.

‘On the positive side – some islanders had offered their gardens to put new posters, so it was lovely hear the support from people whom I’ve never met.’

In the 2016 election Carl Meerveld’s posters were offensively defaced, which he said ended up helping his campaign.

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