It could be a vote at first sight for lucky candidates

A TINDER-LIKE app has been designed to help the electorate sift through 119 manifestos ahead of the General Election next month.

Software developer Matthew Pyle came up with the idea in February when it became apparent that a large amount of candidates were likely to put their names forward for election.

He was assisted by Martin Smith, who has served as the architect of the software.

The desktop application called 38 Deputies is suitable for all devices and will be rolled out later this week.

The idea for the application is that the public can sort through where they stand on key issues and the software will generate a list of candidates ordered in a way most similar to your values and beliefs.

‘Like the dating app Tinder, you can swipe right on issues you agree with or deem important, left for those you do not, and upwards on issues that would not affect how you vote,’ Mr Pyle explained.

‘While the app is not designed to give you all the answers and tell you who to vote for, it can help steer you to see which candidates align with your views so you can focus your research on them, rather than sifting through 118 manifestos.’

With island-wide voting, the pair believed there could be an issue with the electorate finding an overwhelming amount of information to wade through without much clue of where to begin.

They began the project earlier this year in their spare time and have worked tirelessly in any free time they had to bring the idea to fruition.

Mr Pyle said: ‘We have contacted all candidates with a questionnaire to collect the data for the app.

‘We are in the very final stages now with all but a very small number engaging with the project.’

As many key issues have been covered as possible and the team looked through every manifesto to pick out questions for the data.

‘Again, it’s important to say that the app is not a single point of data on who to vote for – there are other things to consider, like characteristics and experience – but it will hopefully narrow down some of the people on the list and guide you towards those whose ideas align with your own,’ he said.

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