Everest Madness cyclists go above and beyond

CYCLISTS jointly reached the height of Everest and Kilimanjaro combined on Saturday.

Organised by six staff from The International Stock Exchange participating in the 30/30 Challenge, Everest Madness offered a closure event instead of the Rocque to Rock this year to raise more funds for Les Bourgs Hospice.

Aiming to scale L’Eree Hill 117 times to exceed Everest, Tise staff, family, friends and other 30/30 riders banded together and completed 205 ascents.

‘We are absolutely delighted with the turnout. Originally it was only six Tise staff taking part, including Ben Snook, who had the idea. Then we looked for extra supporters to reach our target height,’ said Mark Oliphant from Tise.

Pic by Adrian Miller 26-09-20 L'Eree Hill. Everest Madness cycling event. Ben Snook and Liz Storer. (28732651)

On Friday 44 people had registered to take part, with last-minute entries on the day.

‘Once people caught wind of the event, loads turned up. [Cycle shop owner and 30/30 organiser] Ian Brown told us not to worry, and sure enough he was right. It’s been a fantastic effort all around.’

While steep the hill offered some respite.

‘Compared to the Val des Terres it is less intense, which makes the event more inclusive. We’ve seen a whole range of people attend, from avid to infrequent cyclists.

‘It’s a great way of bringing riders together and to raise awareness of the 30/30 event. Fortunately the weather has been great.’

Tise staff aimed to raise at least £2,500 which would be matched by the company.

‘Charities this year have been hit hard and Les Bourgs is no exception. They do fantastic work for the community and many of their usual fundraisers were affected.’

Pic by Adrian Miller 26-09-20 L'Eree Hill. Everest Madness cycling event. Jon Richards and Andrea Nightingale. (28732653)

Donation boxes were stationed at L’Eree car park and on the makeshift summit at Le Croix cemetery.

‘We’ve had quite a few donations in the boxes, and had a homemade cake sale courtesy of Andrea Nightingale, with all proceeds going to Les Bourgs.’

Ms Nightingale achieved the most ascents of the day by riding up the 76-metre elevation 15 times, totalling 1,140 metres.

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