Alliance Party leader accuses member of 'sour grapes' as election defeat fallout continues

THE LEADER of the Alliance Party said he was 'incredibly disappointed' that emails were leaked to the Guernsey Press showing the party's row after their election failure.

 Alliance Party Guernsey chairman Barry Weir (28814446)
Alliance Party Guernsey chairman Barry Weir (28814446)

Emails revealed that two members, Aaron Hawke and Kevin Hainsworth, criticised the party's election tactics, with the latter saying they had become a 'laughing stock'.

Secretary of the party Jane Le Ber swore several times at the two, and suggested they write down their opinions, roll them up and shove them up their backsides.

She also said it was a shame they did not 'choke on their dinner'.

Despite the leader Barry Weir being confident prior to the declaration of successful candidates that all of their members would get in, none placed higher than 88th.

Mr Weir felt that the email leak was a 'shocking betrayal' and a breach of party members' privacy.

'Throughout the run up to the election, I offered my resignation and was willing to step down as leader if anyone wanted to take over the role,' Mr Weir said.

'For Kevin to blame everything on everyone else when he, like everyone, was given the chance to lead the party feels like sour grapes.'

He felt Mr Hainsworth was looking for a scape goat as to why he was not elected.

'Our candidates weren’t well known as individuals on the island and we stood very strongly on a party politics platform as we still believe that this will bring decisive government, transparency and accountability.

'It turned out that there were not enough people in Guernsey who agreed with us and so we weren’t elected. That is precisely how democracy works. We all have to respect that, learn from it and move on.'

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