Guernsey Dairy recalls thousands of packets of unsalted butter

GUERNSEY Dairy has recalled thousands of packets of unsalted butter that have been on sale for a fortnight.

It has stressed it is a precautionary measure after testing in the UK showed higher than expected levels of bacteria.

The affected batch passed all initial tests before being distributed.

'I can reassure all of our customers that there is no cause for concern, even if you have already consumed the butter in question. We take the quality of our products very seriously, which is the primary reason for withdrawing this particular batch from sale as a precautionary measure,' said Guernsey Dairy managing director Andrew Tabel.

'We would however ask customers to return any remaining packs to the point of purchase or to the Guernsey Dairy where provision will be made for its replacement.

'All our products undergo a robust and meticulous testing schedule before being released for sale. While this batch of unsalted butter passed all initial mandatory tests, when subsequently tested a fortnight later we were concerned that the product showed higher than expected levels of bacteria. Although still within all regulatory standards, we have undertaken a responsible approach and made the decision to recall this particular batch of unsalted butter as a precautionary measure.'

He said that more than half of the recalled batch of unsalted butter was accounted for leaving approximately 2,000 packs still in circulation, many of which are likely to have been used already.

The batch is marked with the production code 131 and a ‘Best before’ date of 11 December 2020.


For unsalted butter 12 tests per batch are carried out for Enterobacteriaceae and all must be clear before the product is released for sale.

Traces of Entero were detected in a subsequent test, carried out by an external lab. This is undertaken as part of the Dairy’s routine testing schedule.

The test samples were dispatched to the UK on the 3rd November and results were received on the 10th November.

Following the results, all remaining stocks of the butter were held back while further testing was carried out that day on multiple packs to see if it was an issue that extended beyond the pack sent to the UK.

The decision to withdraw the full batch from sale was made yesterday.

Retailers and distributors were notified at 7.30am. All remaining packs were removed from shelves and collected by Dairy staff, who also checked shelves in supermarkets.

No E. Coli bacteria have been detected.

There is no regulatory standard for Entero, but this batch of butter was recalled as a precaution as it falls short of the Guernsey Dairy’s in house standards.

The first packs left the Dairy on 31 October.

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