Votes are in for St Peter Port and St Martin's parish elections

IT WAS a nail-biting evening last night for hopeful candidates in the St Martin's and St Peter Port parish elections.

Voter turn-out was 10% or less in both parishes, with both holding contested elections.

In St Martin's there were five douzaine seats up for grabs, with nine parishioners putting their names forward.

Successful candidates, in order of most-to-least votes, were: David John Beausire [245 votes], Carla S Bauer [205 votes], John Arthur Guille [203 votes], Laurence Owen Hill-Tout [194 votes] and Peter Nigel Dorey [188 votes].

The first three will serve four years as douzeniers, the fourth candidate will serve three years and the fifth will serve one year.

Alasdair Ross Mclaren [168 votes], Rohan Sara Thorn [158 votes], Govindsamy Naidoo [144 votes] and Kenneth Anthony Jones [83 votes] missed out.

A ballot box at a polling station (Rui Vieira/PA) (28927356)

The island's capital parish, St Peter Port, was seeking election of a constable, as well as five douzeniers.

Zoe Lihou successfully beat Rosie Henderson for the role of constable by 350 votes to 90. There was one spoilt paper and 23 blank papers.

She will join the parish's senior constable Dennis Le Moignan.

For the position of douzenier, ten parishioners threw their hats in the ring.

Successful candidates, in order of most-to-least votes, were: Odette Duerden [303 votes], Richard Skipper [285 votes], Barry Cash [258 votes], Timothy Bush [222 votes] and Nichola Lloyd [212 votes].

There were five spoilt papers.

Odette Duerden was also successful in securing a position on the Baubigny School Committee with 341 votes to Rosie Henderson's 89.

In this election there were 30 spoilt papers.

Voter turn-out in St Peter Port was 6.1%.

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