Castel residents are torn over road to be used for rally route

RESIDENTS of Ruette de la Generotte in the Castel are torn over the use of the Ruette Tranquille as a Guernsey Rally route.

Castel parish officials have given the green light to the rally taking place in February, yet rally organisers still have hurdles to navigate taking into consideration Covid-19 and feedback from residents along proposed routes.

Ruette de la Generotte is said to be a part of a two-and-a-half mile route.

Furious resident Karen Jolly said it was an ‘insane’ idea to use the lane.

‘You can’t go down here, it’s too dangerous, there are tree roots protruding from the road,’ she said.

‘I will definitely be protesting it, it’s unacceptable, I’ll be a prisoner in my own home even if they have marshals. I shouldn’t have to ask them to let me out.

‘It simply encourages youngsters to try them out – and I have cats.’

The Accidental Zoo is also situated on the road and owner Ryan Le Guilcher was concerned for the welfare of his animals.

‘We’re a little bit nervous about the rally as the route goes directly past our emus,’ he said.

‘It’s a worry as that is when they should be laying eggs and hatching them.

‘Guernsey Rally have come and spoken to us and we’ve raised concerns – they [emus] were scared by the recent fireworks, let alone rally cars on a normally quiet little lane.’

Con and Angela Driscoll, however, said they had no opinion on the rally taking place along the lane as their property had a number of exit points through which they could enter and leave.

Castel senior constable Jon Beausire said they had been provided with the initial proposals for the rally next year and after discussions within the douzaine following representations from some residents in the parish they had seen no reason for it not to happen.

‘We have noted the organisers’ intention to engage with all residents on the proposed rally route and address any concerns that they may have,’ he said.

‘They have further assured residents that they will have access to their properties throughout the event, if the proposed route is permitted, and have confirmed that they will continue to communicate with residents as further details are known.

‘The constables have therefore, at this stage in the planning, informed the organisers that provided all regulatory requirements and relevant permissions are obtained the douzaine have no objections to the rally taking place in February.’

He added that the organisers were still collating the final comments from residents on the proposed route, which is intended to be submitted for permission for the rally to get the final seal of approval.

Other parishes likely to have a proposed route include the Vale and St Peter’s.

Guernsey Kart & Motor Club president and rally organiser Karl Marshall said they would have more information by the end of the month, in particular whether it could still go on in light of Covid-19.

It is currently due to take place on Friday 12 and Saturday 13 February.

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