Children taught about the three Ps

THE three Ps, not the three Rs, were the subject of lessons this week as Guernsey Water tried to teach children at an early age what was safe to put in the toilet, in a bid to protect pipes and drains.

More than 170 pupils across seven classes from St Mary & St Michael, La Houguette, Melrose and Forest School have been getting lessons with a difference from a team from the utility company.

They were given a talk about where Guernsey’s water comes from, how it is stored and then how waste is disposed of.

Evie Gallienne, 9, controlling the robot used to survey drains under the guidance of with Sean Connolly, from Guernsey Water.. (28950984)

Then they were given the chance to put their hand in a fake toilet and pull out some of the things that should not be put down the loo, such as bouncy balls, combs and batteries.

Only paper, pee and poo should go down the loo. Wet wipes should not be flushed because they do not break down and can block the pipes.

Fats and oils should also not be put down the sink as that also causes blockages.

One of those in the class at La Houguette was nine-year-old Maisie Johns. She said she had thought biodegradable wet wipes could go down the toilet, but now knew better. ‘It’s been interesting,’ she said.

The pupils were given some interesting facts about Guernsey Water, such as that if all the utility’s pipes were put end to end they would reach from Guernsey to Manchester.

Catherine Boughay, Guernsey Water's communications officer, with some jars that it is leaving with the school to do a decomposition experiment. (28950979)

Guernsey Water communications officer Catherine Boughay said the new initiative was very important.

‘It’s really about getting awareness out and catching children at a young age,’ she said.

‘That way they can take the message back to their family.’

She said this was the first time it had done this type of presentation, but hoped to run it again.

‘It’s something very new for us,’ she said.

‘There have been so many questions from the students. They have been really engaged.’

The children also had a chance to use the remote control device, which is used to explore and film pipes.

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