Building site Tardis not quite what it seems

NO, your eyes aren’t deceiving you.

That is a Tardis on a building site at Route des Pecqueries,

But as with most things to do with Dr Who and his time machine, it is not quite what it seems.

It is in fact a humble portable toilet for the workers on the site.

It was bought by R&D De Jersey managing director Darren de Jersey.

‘Darren wanted to purchase his own brand new Portaloo, and when it turned up on site it came in blue without stickers,’ said Steve Mahy, boss of sub-contractors M&E Builders.

‘I thought it would be a fun thing to put some stickers on to make it look like a Tardis, and Darren gave the go-ahead.’

Top to bottom, Darren de Jersey managing director of R&D De Jersey and carpenters Tom Leale and Ryan Truffitt. (28974318)

Accurate measurements were taken to create an authentic-looking time machine.

‘I do lawnmower racing and use Jeff Martel, from Signrite, to do my stickers and signs for it, so he came to measure it up. Basically I put stickers on as a light-hearted gesture and it’s kept the boys on site happy.’

Having a machine which in fiction can go anywhere in time and space has given workers the chance to use their imagination during the restrictive time of the pandemic.

R&D De Jersey employee Tom Leale said: ‘I was supposed to go to Hossegor, in France, in the summer, and go every year with the family. So I would go there if I could go anywhere.’

‘It is better than those plastic ones, this one is actually plumbed in with hot water and heating. It’s luxurious.’

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