Punched in windscreen and rammed car in rage

AN ANGRY Scott Le Page jumped on the bonnet of a BMW with his ex-girlfriend and her new partner inside and punched in the windscreen.

Royal Court, St James Street.  (29147292)
Royal Court, St James Street. (29147292)

When they drove away to try and escape, the scaffolder gave chase in his van, ramming the car.

In the Magistrate’s Court Judge Gary Perry said the incident sounded more like a TV drama than life in relatively peaceful Guernsey.

‘They are very serious offences,’ he said, as he sent Le Page to prison for ten months.

Le Page, 26, of Melody House, Rue A Chiens, St Sampson’s, pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to a BMW, assaulting his ex-partner’s new boyfriend, dangerous driving and drink-driving.

The court heard how Le Page’s relationship with his girlfriend had ended and she had entered a new relationship.

In October, Le Page and his ex-partner were in Town drinking and by chance met in the Foresters Arms. Since the break-up they had been on good terms.

At around 10.20pm she decided to leave and called her new partner. He picked her up in his BMW and Le Page decided to follow them in his panel van.

The BMW drove into the St Martin’s Iceland car park and drove to the back, near the woman’s home. They then became aware of another vehicle coming into the car park.

Le Page got out of his van and jumped on the bonnet of the BMW. He then punched the windscreen, causing the glass to break and fall onto the woman’s new partner. The new partner then drove the BMW, dislodging Le Page, who was knocked to the floor. He then drove to try and get away.

But Le Page got in his van and gave chase, driving very close to the BMW. The pursuit went along Fort Road and down Colborne Road, when Le Page rammed the BMW, as it had to slow down for another vehicle.

The police advised the pair to drive to the Police Station.

Le Page broke off his chase and was later stopped by police and arrested.

He gave a blood alcohol reading of 109mg per 100ml of blood. The limit is 80mg.

Le Page has a long record, including grievous bodily harm, speeding and assault.

Defence advocate Samuel Steel said his client was hurt by the break-up. The night of the incident his ex-partner had acted affectionate towards him and that confused him. When she left he followed her to try and speak to her. When they arrived at the car park, he had jumped on the car as he was angry the BMW had tried to drive away.

Advocate Steel said his client accepted his behaviour had been foolish and dangerous. He added that Le Page had been travelling too close to the BMW and had collided with it when it braked, rather than ramming it.

Judge Gary Perry said Le Page had a very bad record and already had a serious Royal Court conviction for violence just four years ago.

He said it was very fortunate no one was injured or killed.

‘You were drunk, you reacted to a sad situation... with anger and a total loss of self-control,’ he said.

He said Le Page presented a continuing risk to others.

Le Page was sentenced to six months in prison for the assault and four months in prison, consecutive, for the dangerous driving, as well as a four-year driving ban. For criminal damage, he was handed three months in prison, concurrent to the other sentences and for drink driving two months in prison and two years disqualified, which were both also concurrent to the other punishments.

Le Page was ordered to pay £400 compensation to the male victim.

n.b Scott Le Page is not the teacher of the same age that works at La Mare Primary School.

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