Team work into night to expand testing tent

REGENCY EVENTS had a busy Sunday night doubling the size of the drive-through Covid testing centre at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital .

The drive through testing centre at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital nearly doubled in size at the weekend. Between 11pm on Sunday night and 3am Monday morning, the Estates Team provided the swabbing teams with an additional 4.5 metres of capacity by extending the testing tent. This will allow four cars to be undercover at any one time and the flow through the tent will be more efficient. (29160062)
The drive through testing centre at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital nearly doubled in size at the weekend. Between 11pm on Sunday night and 3am Monday morning, the Estates Team provided the swabbing teams with an additional 4.5 metres of capacity by extending the testing tent. This will allow four cars to be undercover at any one time and the flow through the tent will be more efficient. (29160062)

Four staff and one from the States Estates team handled the expansion from 11pm until past 3am, so that now at least 1,000 daily swabs are possible.

Swabbing teams can now cater for four cars at once, with an extended 4.5 metres of space, and will be working from 8am until 11pm.

Regency Events set up the centre in the first lockdown. It has also helped shelter shoppers and ensured States meetings and court matters can go ahead.

‘Eventually we got back home at about 4am,’ said Regency Events’ Lloyd Helyer.

‘We are super happy to be able to support the States. Obviously, in an ideal world, this all would not be happening, but we will continue to supply retailers and the States. With Guernsey Together, if we’ve got the stuff to use to help

out where we can then we will use it.’

Regency staff have been busy catering for the pandemic despite reduced events and wedding offerings.

‘We have done a lot for the States this past year. Both the Co-op set-ups are ours, which have been up since the start of the pandemic. They were due to come down on Monday, but it looks like they’ll be staying up longer.’

Audio, lighting, power and PR products were utilised for States meetings and to record court procedures.

‘Going back to the original lockdown, the States had to move to St James for their meetings. We had 24 hours notice to set up 44 microphones for recording meetings, and in conjunction to set up the Royal Court where everything has to be recorded. On top of that, we’ve set up extra toilet and hand-washing facilities for the States of Guernsey and Education essential workers. Outside facilities have been needed while indoor ones have been getting deep-cleaned.’

Events have suffered considerably since the pandemic, so the work is very welcome.

‘August was kind of normal, with Alderney Week and Vale Earth Fair going ahead, with a few other events cancelled from earlier in the year squeezed in like the Arts Seafront Sunday and Lions Club's Guernsey Together event. The real knock-on was that weddings were not happening because people couldn’t travel in.’

Christmas parties were also reduced in December.

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Sam Field - Sure's Enterprise Solutions Product Manager discusses how the global pandemic and restrictions on movement have led to an increased dependency on digital services for both businesses and consumers, and to a large extent, pretty much everyone has had to adapt to new ways of working. Enforced lockdown has seen a massive rise in the use of collaboration services, and workforce transformations have taken place before our very eyes. Digital communications in whatever format have massively increased the amount of business data in circulation. Cybercriminals quickly identified dispersed working as a major opportunity, and have responded with pandemic themed scams and attacks to steal information and data. Whilst cyberattacks on individuals are very upsetting, they are generally easier to spot and deal with. A ‘take no action’ approach to any form of contact outside the norm is the key learning point on a personal level, and nobody can claim to be so smart they are not vulnerable. The workplace however is a much more complex environment with hierarchical relationships, managerial directives and business systems that aren’t always the simplest to operate. There’s a greater scope for cybercrime in organisations with operational complexity, and the value of data and information that can be stolen or extorted tends to be higher. Furthermore, it isn’t just criminals who are interested in business data. There are many business information platforms and other data centric organisations who are benefitting from the wealth of information flowing around the digital economy. And for many island organisations, protecting intellectual property (IP) from cybercriminals and other interested parties is vital. The arms race between data protection, criminals and legal data hunters is here for the long-haul as organisations strive to protect their businesses, customers, revenues and reputation. The focus still remains on cybercrime though, and the five overriding threats that are targeting hybrid working environments are: Email Phishing Defined as the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information or data, such as usernames, passwords and credit card details, by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity. Covid phishing activity often impersonates government and health authorities to deceive users into sharing confidential information such as payment and account credentials. When hackers break into corporate networks, they often take their time monitoring emails and activity, to maximise the impact of their attack. Criminals then mimic existing accounts and send emails instructing people to take action … do this, click here, update that, … all in an attempt to obtain the information and the access to funds they are looking for. SMS Phishing Also known as ‘Smishing’, is text messaging fraud that tries to lure victims into taking action. Clicking on links in texts can activate the downloading of malware that will reveal and extract sensitive account information. The increased use of smartphones for so much business activity exposes organisations to an extended perimeter, through a non-PC based zone of extended vulnerability. Fraudulent Domains Or domain spoofing, is also associated with phishing. Attackers use a ‘bogus domains’ to impersonate a company or its employees. This can be done by sending emails with false domain names which appear legitimate, or by setting up websites with slightly altered characters that look authentic, and asking you to take action that will compromise your security. Counterfeit Apps A counterfeit app is an app that claims to do something, but is actually fake, ineffective, or harmful to a user's device and information. They have been found on legitimate app stores including Apple and Google Play, where they have not yet been detected or reported. They aim to defraud users by offering fake functionality, and stealing data. Malware Malware is software that has been intentionally designed to cause damage or harm to a computer, server, client, or computer network - often for the purposes of extorting money. A wide variety of malware exist, including viruses, worms, trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware, rogue software, wiper and scareware. Malware exists for a number of reasons: such as causing malicious damage, and stealing financial details and sensitive information. Ransomware is a form of malware where attacks are designed to block access or take down sites until a sum of money is paid. Clear and Present Danger The average cost of a business cyberattack is estimated to be £3million, and around half of the cyberattacks involve email phishing, a figure that’s 20% higher than the global average. 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