WATCH: Known active Covid cases reach 277, five in hospital

SEEING more Covid-19 cases identified through contact tracing is a positive step, the director of Public Health has said.

At today's virtual Covid-19 press conference, Civil Contingencies Authority chair Deputy Peter Ferbrache reminded islanders about the need to self-isolate if you had been to the Festival of Dance and the swift action that was taken in relation to one of the local supermarkets.

Director of Public Health Dr Nicola Brink gave an overview of the last week's events.

Graphic by the States of Guernsey. (29201904)

'Over the last few days we've had 44, 47 and 46 cases, which means we are plateauing slightly, although that is not a reason to become complacent,' she said.

Graphic by the States of Guernsey. (29201906)

During the second wave, 333 Covid cases have been identified.

'Fortunately we have had no deaths, but we are in the height of the second wave so we need to cautious.'

Graphic by the States of Guernsey. (29201908)

The majority of cases identified on Thursday 21 January had an unknown community source.

However, later on, most of the cases are being identified through contact tracing.

Graphic by the States of Guernsey. (29201910)

Dr Brink said this was exactly the kind of trend the Bailiwick wants to see.

Graphic by the States of Guernsey. (29201912)

Talking about the range of ages of those affected by the virus, she said it was encouraging that the large majority of cases were not in those of the most vulnerable ages.

Graphic by the States of Guernsey. (29201914)

She then explained what the guidance was for several scenarios, particularly emphasising the importance of contacting Public Health if symptoms are developed.

Graphic by the States of Guernsey. (29201916)

For those who attended the Festival of Dance, they must go into self-isolation with their household immediately.

'We do not think the Dance Festival is the source of an outbreak, we just want to ensure there is no more onward transmission,' she said.

Graphic by the States of Guernsey. (29201918)

Essential workers should contact their line manager for specific advice if they have symptoms or work with someone who has developed symptoms.

'And, if you've had no known exposure to Covid-19, please just stay at home and follow the lockdown rules.'

On a lighter note, Dr Brink assured children that the tooth fairy had been granted essential worker status and was able to continue her services during lockdown.

Dr Peter Rabey explained how four Covid patients were on the Brock ward at the hospital, and one was in intensive care.

Explaining Covid measures in the hospital, Dr Rabey said the island was in a better situation that the first lockdown, one reason of which was that many of the most vulnerable people in the community have been vaccinated.

More to follow.

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