Official complaints filed against fake Twitter profile deputy

TWO code of conduct complaints have been lodged against Deputy Chris Le Tissier in connection with his use of a pseudonym on social media to attack politicians and members of the public.

Deputy Chris Le Tissier. (29308030)
Deputy Chris Le Tissier. (29308030)

The secretary to the States Members’ Conduct Panel confirmed on Friday afternoon that it had received the two complaints and that Deputy Le Tissier had been informed.

On Thursday Deputy Le Tissier confirmed that he was behind the @Radiosutch299 Twitter account, which had been accused of making boorish and vulgar comments. Initially he had refused to comment and sought to deflect criticism by instead blaming what he called ‘bitter ex-deputies’ who needed ‘to move on and stop trying to make trouble’.

After days of speculation Deputy Le Tissier apologised, but added that many of his comments had been taken out of context, and he did not believe they constituted what is commonly described as ‘trolling’.

Deputy Le Tissier called it an ‘uncharacteristic lapse in judgement’ and he said sorry for the offence caused.

The Guernsey Party, of which Deputy Le Tissier is a member, has also launched an investigation.

The Code of Conduct Panel, which comprises of members appointed by the Bailiff, will now consider the complaints.

Under its rules a complaint can either be dismissed or substantiated. If it is substantiated the panel can recommend one of five sanctions, which range from a caution to expulsion.

The four most serious sanctions need to be considered by the States Assembly.

All deputies have to take an oath at the beginning of their term, promising to act with honesty, integrity, and openness.

Earlier this week the Guernsey Press was sent a library of screenshots of posts from the Twitter profile.

In one post he told a local lobby group which campaigns for progressive policies: ‘You could be a spotty teenager sitting in his bedroom while waiting for his/her mum to call him for tea. Boiled egg and soldiers, Turkey Twizzlers or Alphabetti spaghetti today?’ This post was accompanied by a photo of Alphabetti spaghetti spelling out an offensive word.

When a local fact checking organisation presented a development plan for Guernsey towards 2050, the pseudonym responded with a sexual insult.

The Guernsey Disability Alliance was another of the organisations that the fake profile attacked.

Being ‘local’ was very important to the account user and he tried to shame people who were from the UK.

A female academic and Holocaust historian was told she was ‘not local’ and should ‘leave Guernsey alone’.

In one post @Radiosutch299 pretended to be a member of the public listening at home to the States debate.

The reality was that Deputy Le Tissier was tweeting from the Chamber.

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