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Virtual visit by children’s author takes Sark pupils to fantasy world

AWESTRUCK schoolchildren in Sark enjoyed an inspiring visit from children’s fantasy author LD Lapinski recently.

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With travel restrictions in place, the Nottinghamshire-based author could not visit in person, but she did so remotely, impressing many an admiring pupil. The author writes the Strangeworlds Travel Agency series, which sees 12-year-old Flick Hudson uncover hundreds of other worlds by jumping into a suitcase.

The new series is a magical adventure that has become a favourite at the school.

Head teacher Dr Nicholas Roberts said enthusiastic pupils in classes two and three took part in a creative writing workshop led by the author.

‘She gave pupils some top tips to inspire their fantasy writing and also hosted a Q&A session, during which the children had the opportunity to ask any questions about what it’s like to be an author,’ he said.

‘It was fantastic to see our island’s schoolchildren being inspired by a professional writer. The children absolutely loved the workshop and were awestruck at meeting the author of what has rapidly become Sark School’s most popular book.’

He congratulated one of his Year 4 pupils after she was awarded a Strangeworlds pin badge and a signed postcard by their guest speaker for her amazing world creation in the multiverse, adding that all the pupils had taken something away from the author’s visit.

‘The look of amazement on their faces at meeting LD was priceless,’ he said. ‘I would like to thank LD Lapinski for taking the time to speak with Sark School pupils – we were privileged to host such an event in our island’s school.’

LD Lapinski, in turn, appreciated the time spent with her young readers, many of whom she said were sure to be budding novelists in the making.

‘The students at Sark School were a wonderfully creative, clever and funny bunch,’ she said. ‘I’m sure they’re going to create loads of magical worlds for all of us to read about one day – I can’t wait.’