Rohais post box is first to be yarn bombed

A POPULAR trend has appeared in Guernsey for the first time – a crochet hats for post boxes.

Known as yarn bombing, the Rohais sub office post box outside Waitrose now features a Liberation and Guernsey Together-themed headpiece.

Tamara O’Brien had the idea to bring a bit of cheer after the past year, so contacted Guernsey Post for permission to install it.

‘It took me a few weeks to finish and involved a lot of trial and error, because I’m still a beginner, and I can only do it in the evenings when the kids have gone to bed,’ she said.

‘It’s just a hobby really. I started in October last year and go to a crochet group in the Green Lanes Gospel Hall now, the girls there have shared loads of ideas.

‘They knew I was up to something, because I kept asking for advice on making butterflies or this and that. I’ve been learning off Facebook and YouTube otherwise.’

Her son, Ethan, now thinks it is his postbox.

‘We’ve driven past a few times to make sure it’s still there. It’s secured with a bit of elastic and double-sided sticky tape so it doesn’t blow off in the wind, but we’ll find a better way for future ones. Thankfully this postbox is due to be painted.’


UK postboxes have a lip which makes it easier to secure crochet hats onto them.

‘It’s a huge craze in the UK, they all go mad for it. I thought for Liberation Day, why not bring it to postboxes over here?’

Featuring on the design are pebble towers, the Guernsey flag, bunting, a rainbow, butterflies, and ladybirds.

‘This postbox was perfect because it has the shelter. We’re now driving around to see which one will next fall victim.

‘I’m going to do Halloween and Christmas ones next, but I have some other home projects like blanket making to do. The Halloween one is going to be big. Watch out for the next one.’

Dawn Gallienne, Guernsey Post head of corporate engagement, said: ‘We’re really pleased that someone decided to do this. This is our first crochet topper, and I expect there will be a few more popping up. It’s a really good idea, a nice thing to do and helps get in the spirit of Liberation Day and Guernsey Together.’

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