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Sark celebrates like it is 2020 for Liberation Day

SARK went all out for Liberation Day celebrations this year, treating it as the 75th anniversary of freedom that was postponed by a year.

A Jeep was taken to Sark for its Liberation Day by the Guernsey Military History Company. The use of cars is not normally allowed in the island.

Seigneur of Sark Christopher Beaumont said some 200 people had enjoyed the festivities in the Millennium Field in the afternoon and there was a party later in the evening.

The island’s Liberation Day is a day later than Guernsey’s because no one picked up the phone on Sark on 9 May 1945 when Guernsey officials called to say the Germans had to surrender. It was left until the following morning before anyone was sent over to give Sark residents and the occupying forces the news.

Guernsey’s Bailiff Richard McMahon, the Dean of Guernsey Tim Barker and Lt-Governor Vice Admiral Sir Ian Corder were invited to join the celebrations on 10 May.

There were decorated bicycles in the cavalcade, as well as a Jeep brought over by the Guernsey Military History Company.

‘We did have a Jeep in the island for a short period after the war, so it was a great addition to the cavalcade and helped make the event pretty special,’ Mr Beaumont said.

Bicycles taken to the island by the Guernsey Military History Company at Sark's Liberation Day celebrations.

‘The Guernsey Military History Company also brought with them a number of Second World War bicycles.’

A dozen people who were liberated on Sark but now live in Guernsey were also invited back to join the celebrations.

Some were only a matter of months old in May 1945.

Outdoor Guernsey supplied a climbing wall for youngsters to have a go on in the Millennium Field and there were also bouncy castles and other activities for people to enjoy.

Mr Beaumont said people had really enjoyed the day: ‘We really pushed the boat out this year because we couldn’t do what we would have liked to last year with Covid.

‘We thought of it as the 75th anniversary, just postponed, so I can’t imagine we’ll have celebrations this big again until the 80th anniversary of the Liberation.’