Politics podcast launched

A NEW Guernsey Press politics podcast has been launched this morning to consider the big political ideas and the themes underlying the news.

Every fortnight two pundits will be invited into the studio to review the news and satisfy the thirst for analysis.

The first episode features guests Deputy Steve Falla and St Peter Port douzenier and constable Zoe Lihou. Topics covered this week include the renaissance of the harbours, regeneration of Town areas and revitalisation of the douzaines.

Listen below:

On a lighter note, there is also discussion about the future of Liberation Day, and some debate about ‘that letter’ by C Davey, after Mrs Lihou’s social media post on it went viral.

Each episode is likely to include a deputy who might pull the curtain back on what is going on, plus someone from the community to offer a more complete look at the stories.

The host of the new Guernsey Press Politics Podcast Helen Bowditch with guests Constable Zoe Lihou and Deputy Steve Falla. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 29551312)

Host Helen Bowditch said the conversation would be off-the-cuff and free-flowing: ‘I love podcasts because they’re great company while I’m washing the dishes or mopping the kitchen floor, and the conversation follows me round the house.

Guernsey Press journalist Helen Bowditch, left, is the host of a new Guernsey Press Politics Podcast. She is pictured with St Peter Port Constable Zoe Lihou. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 29551316)

‘There’s always a phone propped up on the windowsill in the bathroom and I’ve even started listening to them in the car,’ she said.

‘We’ll be taking a deep dive into lots of issues and hopefully we’ll have a bit of a laugh as well – I don’t envisage it being too adversarial.’

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