Destiny, 14, waited three years for refill dream to come true

TWO more bottle refill stations could soon join the first, which opened at the Liberation Monument yesterday.

It was unveiled on World Refill Day after years of planning, with organisers excited finally to set off on the island’s next step to reduce plastic consumption.

Three years ago, 14-year-old Destiny Hollyer-Hill gave a pitch to Environment & Infrastructure, which set in motion a refill scheme between Guernsey Water, Guernsey Waste and Plastic Free Guernsey.

‘When I was 11 in 2018 I was so excited when Refill Guernsey took off, after I presented my idea to the States,’ Destiny said.

‘At the time I spoke to them about the possibility of permanent refill stations and how here we are thanks to the team at Guernsey Water. It’s amazing.’

Destiny Hollyer-Hill . (29663915)

Now more than 50 establishments will top up water bottles for free, including most restaurants and public buildings, which has helped the ‘refill revolution’ gain momentum.

‘It is taking over,’ said Madeleine Norman, Plastic Free Guernsey campaigner.

‘We’re hoping people feel comfortable to ask in any cafe or place for a top up, and for not buying plastic bottles to be normalised.’

Information on refill points is available on an app.

‘It’s not just about refilling water bottles, but coffee cups and takeaways too.’

Guernsey Water managing director Steve Langlois said arrangements for two more refill stations are under way at the St Saviour’s reservoir Millennium Walk and KGV.

Things may begin to move within the week for KGV while the walk awaits planning permission.

‘Hopefully they’ll be up this summer,’ Mr Langlois said.

Customers will be updated on the station’s success.

‘A traditional water meter tells us the volume of water used, and that will tell us how many plastic bottles have been saved.’

Conscious of marine environment plastic pollution, the utility aims to ensure islanders can access their drinking water of choice and make it easier to choose tap water over bottled water.

n For more information or to find the Refill app, visit:

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