Guernsey Press

Recovery actions run through every thread

RECOVERY for the island post-Covid and re-energising infrastructure spending are high priorities for the States outlined in its new Government Work Plan, published today.

Deputy Heidi Soulsby, the vice-president of Policy & Resources, is leading on the Government Work Plan. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 29664793)

So-called recovery actions – crossing almost every area of everyday life – sit alongside must-do priorities for government including continuing to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, managing the effects of Brexit and making sure the island continues to meet other international standards, and re-shaping government itself, which includes a review of the island’s tax system.

They include day-to-day spending on projects including extra support for Guernsey Finance, extending fibre broadband provision, enhancing tourism campaigns and investment in pursuing the blue maritime economy.

Projects with a capital element might include Leale’s Yard, the St Peter Port seafront, air and sea links and the development of on-island renewable energy.

‘The need is great and aspirations are high, but time is short and finances are limited,’ said Heidi Soulsby, who is leading on the plan.

‘The plan focuses on our immediate economic, social and environmental needs while positioning islanders for a thriving, sustainable future.

‘It takes action and makes real investment in what we need to care for our health, invest in our skills, stimulate our economy and protect our environment.’

Deputy Soulsby said that a focus of the plan was ‘making a difference to the community’.

‘Government has done things for a long time where the community doesn’t understand what we have been doing and how they will benefit,’ she said.