Visitor tells of ‘nightmare’ trying to get into island

A VISITOR to the island has described the Travel Tracker software as ‘a nightmare’ that kept on crashing.

(Picture By Peter Frankland, 29761648)
(Picture By Peter Frankland, 29761648)

However, the States has said that there have been no reports of the Travel Tracker crashing, with many hundreds of travellers successfully completing it.

‘The Travel Tracker has been designed to be straightforward for customers to use, but we appreciate there is quite a lot of information they must provide which is an important part of maintaining an effective border policy,’ said Richard Evans, programme manager for the island's Covid-19 response.

Arthur Moore, who lives in Nottingham, was one of the first visitors to arrive in the island after border restrictions were relaxed at the beginning of the month.

He said it took him more than an hour-and-a-half to apply for two passes when because the software kept crashing.

When he got to Guernsey, he said other guests at his hotel had experienced similar issues.

‘On arrival at the port [my wife and I] had to find the website on our phone, enter our email addresses and password, show the blue screen to the official, then log out,’ he said.

‘Then [we had to] do it all again for the second person, all the time being panicked into rushing due to complaints that there was a queue behind us.’

Speaking to fellow guests at their hotel, he discovered a couple who had filled in the Travel Tracker but had omitted the date when their vaccination certificate was issued as the British e-certificate does not give the date.

‘On arrival, the supposedly-helpful immigration staff refused to look at the physical vaccination certificate the people had brought with them and forced them into quarantine.

‘Another official had to sort it out the next day, before they could be released from isolation in their hotel room.’

The Moores also suffered from health uncertainty, as their hotel found two taxi operators would not pick them up and a third only ‘grudgingly’ agreed to make the trip.

‘Guernsey needs to decide whether it is open for visitors, with both the government and companies getting their act together, or else tell visitors we are not welcome,’ Mr Moore said.

Mr Evans said travellers are asked to bring paper copies of all of their regular documents, even if they have completed the Travel Tracker.

‘Importantly, this includes a paper copy of their proof of vaccination which they must bring with them. We strongly urge all travellers to complete the Travel Tracker online before their journey as it avoids a significant delay in getting through the port.’

n The Travel Tracker is available to complete 48 hours before the time of travel. Anyone facing issues should call the non-clinical helpline on 01481 717118.

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