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Bike repair stations keep commuters on road

POP-UP bicycle repair stations are aiming to encourage more islanders to cycle to work.

Mark O'Neill, left, has his bicycle checked over by Adventure Cycles' Dan Thwaite and Joe Collenette, right. (Picture by Cassidy Jones, 29772648)

Adventure Cycles has organised the events, with the first one being held last week in Market Square.

Health Improvement Commission active travel officer Alex Costen stressed the importance of pop-up stations like these.

‘The purpose of this is to make people more comfortable with riding around the island by checking their bikes over.’

The next one will be held this Friday and then the following Friday.

They will also be running at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital.

‘The PEH are encouraging their staff to cycle to work, so we will be there with this station as well,’ she said.

‘The list for bike repairs is long, especially in the summer, so hopefully this will get more people out on the roads.’

Guernsey Bicycle Group chairman Phillip Le Poidevin also recognised the importance of confidence on the road.

‘Some people just do not feel safe on two wheels,’ he said.

Adventure Cycles were joined by Guernsey Police, who had set up a scale demonstration of how much space should be left between a motorist and cyclist while overtaking.

‘Having an illustration like this will help motorists and cyclists,’ Mr Le Poidevin said.

This demonstration has been used around the island, within education settings and Seafront Sundays.

PC Andy Bell, from the roads policing unit, explained the importance of the demonstration alongside the repair station.

‘Feeling comfortable on the roads is really important, and is a major reason why some workers choose not to cycle to work,’ he said.

This scheme is also run in the UK, and PC Bell was confident of its importance on island.

PC Mark Shields, left, and PC Andy Bell. (Picture by Cassidy Jones, 29772646)

‘The width of some roads over here makes this type of education crucial,’ he said.

‘It is all about recognising when to overtake, when to commit, and how to respect other road


‘Along with the repair station, hopefully this demonstration will raise awareness and improve the confidence of all road users.’