Grande Rue firms ‘grin and bear’ road closure

A SEVEN-WEEK closure of the main road through St Martin’s has begun.

(Picture by Cassidy Jones, 29779006)
(Picture by Cassidy Jones, 29779006)

Grande Rue is shut from Les Merriennes to La Vequesse to allow JT to upgrade its fibre network.

Work started on Monday and early on was confined to the exit lane of the car park, although the road itself was still shut.

Temporary traffic lights were controlling the traffic flow in and out of the car park.

Jolene Edwards, who lives just off Grande Rue, said it was frustrating, but a necessary evil.

‘So far it’s been OK, it’s not too noisy. We are lucky in St Martin’s because there’s so much within walking distance, but it’s a pain to drive further afield and it’s messed up the buses.

‘I heard there was a petition, but road closures are part of life in Guernsey these days, it’s annoying but we just have to grin and bear it.’

Becky Rowe, who owns her own jewellery shop in the road, was also trying to look on the bright side.

‘It’s not ideal but it has to be done, at least it’s not happening at Christmas, and the school holidays is probably the best time.’

Ilona Breza, from St Martin’s Garage, said trade levels had been relatively normal, although that could change as drivers started to avoid the area.

‘If they’re just working in the car park then why can’t they keep the road open?’ she said.

‘Apparently they say it’s necessary and I understand that, but maybe the winter time would have been better, and does it really take seven weeks? Could they do it [work] overnight?’

At Ogiers, there had obviously been a decision that it was a good time to do some exterior painting.

The works are expected to be completed by 3 September. They will be split into five phases to minimise disruption.

A Traffic and Highways spokesman said the works were planned for the summer holidays because that was when traffic volumes were expected to be at their lowest, and a closure during term time would have diverted traffic into the lanes where some pupils cycle and walk.

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