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Pride of Guernsey: Le Rondin School

ALL teachers and learning support assistants at Le Rondin School have been nominated for the HSBC-sponsored Teacher of the Year award.

(Picture By Peter Frankland, 29838264)

‘The staff of Le Rondin are incredibly special people. Their love, care and compassion for each and every child is heart-warming. They give every child the right to flourish and they each nurture every child with dedication and pride’, said nominator Becky Link.

She continues: ‘The children are so incredibly happy – they are safe in an environment which can sometimes be challenging, but each teacher and LSA is there to protect and care for them and give them the best education they can.

‘I am privileged enough to be part of the support team and to watch the children running in the morning to greet their teachers and LSAs is something to behold.

‘It is a happy, joyous school and within it are young professionals who really do make a huge difference.

‘Everyone should spend a day at Le Rondin. They all deserve this award.’

Head teacher Paula Sullivan, who is also the head teacher at nearby Forest Primary School, said: ‘As a school we are delighted to be nominated. Everyone who works at Le Rondin loves the role that we play. It is a privilege to work with the children there’.

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