Guernsey actress starring in Amazon’s new Cinderella film

GUERNSEY actress Jenet Le Lacheur has said she is looking to take on more overtly transgender characters in future, as she stars in Amazon’s new Cinderella film.

Originally from St Martin’s, Ms Le Lacheur said she did not take the route most-travelled to reach this point in her career.

She said it was a ‘happy accident’ that she was cast for the role of Count Wilbur – the prince’s best friend and a transfeminine character – in the film.

‘It’s a taken a long time and an unconscionable amount of work to get to this point,’ she said.

‘I started with no connections in the industry.’

Although she has acted in a few other projects, Ms Le Lacheur said the Cinderella film was her first experience working on a big movie set.

However, the experience was far from normal as just one week into production in Blackpool, work ground to a halt in the face of the then-emerging Covid-19 pandemic.

‘Production stopped for four to five months with producers telling us to just wait a few more weeks and we’d be back up and running,’ she said.

‘It was surreal.

‘In August of last year, we were one of the first screen projects back on set. We had plexi-glass in front of our faces while we were filming, and everyone in the crew was wearing masks.’

She said filming continued in this modified fashion for seven weeks with no positive Covid-19 tests.

‘It was very intense and rigorous. We were being tested every couple of days because an outbreak would have stopped production,’ said Ms Le Lacheur, who started transitioning about six years ago and officially changed her name to Jenet two years ago.

She kicked off her career in Guernsey, with performances including acting in Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me with the Guernsey Youth Theatre.

After working in the industry for 10 years, Ms Le Lacheur said she felt fairly calm and sanguine even though she was working with a lot of big names.

She said the only time she really got nervous was when she was in the same room with Idina Menzel for the first time and they were sitting for makeup artists facing opposite directions and chatting while getting into costume.

‘I also did some improv work with Pierce Brosnan.

‘It helped that I had made him laugh right away, so it was quite relaxed and easy going, but on paper it was extraordinary,’ she said.

Currently based in York, Ms Le Lacheur said she is looking forward to playing more overtly transgender characters in future projects.

‘I had such a fun time with this role, and I hope to take roles in the future that are explicitly queer,’ she said.

‘Even with more trans and queer representation, I think a lot of the film industry still has this blanket idea of what it is to be trans.

‘I want to see an opening of ideas, and I really want to be at the forefront of that movement.’

She believes this particular version of Cinderella is unprecedented in terms of diversity of race, gender and sexuality.

Many of the names on set brought a background of improvisation to the Cinderella movie as well.

‘I think it has an irreverent attitude and a spontaneity about it,’ Ms Le Lacheur said.

‘I improvised about half my lines, so it was a very freeing experience.’

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