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Art and conservation meet in pollinator-themed exhibition

A CELEBRATION of all things pollinator will both highlight the plight of pollinating insects and raise the profile of Guernsey artists.

Bridget Spinney with some of the artwork which is to be exhibited and then sold at auction to raise money for The Pollinator Project and Les Bourgs Hospice. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 30069422)

Local artist Bridget Spinney has curated a pollinator-themed art exhibition in conjunction with the Pollinator Project.

Thirty local artists have contributed a piece of pollinator-inspired art to raise awareness of the role bees, butterflies, hoverflies, wasps and moths have in our food and in nature, and to inspire more people to act to protect them.

Mrs Spinney has contributed to the collection.

Her work is a large collection of organic prints in the shape of a butterfly.

The theme of her work is a celebration of the organic world. She uses leaves, flowers, plantains and more to create the impression of a beautiful pollinator.

‘My work is printed in pollinator plants, and I hope it makes people realise that even here in Guernsey, our insects are in crisis. I hope it makes people think about keeping the habitat safe for these important insects,’ she said.

The 30 pieces of art feature a wide variety of media and were created to form a wide range of commentary about environmentalism, pollinators and climate change.

Some pieces were more abstract, with others painted or photographed in hyper-realism. Others used collage techniques, or took inspiration from Ukiyo-e style of Japanese art.

The exhibition is open to the public from 24 October to 26 November at St James.

On the final day at 7pm, Mrs Spinney said, Martel Maides will auction all of the art.

Building on the Les Bourgs 30-30 theme in honour of the hospice’s 30th anniversary, Mrs Spinney said 30% of proceeds will go to the Pollinator Project, 30% will go to Les Bourgs and 30% will go toward the local artists, with the rest helping to cover expenses involved with the exhibition.

Mrs Spinney said the project was not about money, but she would love to see it bring a good amount for the various charities and artists involved.

Not only does she hope the exhibition and auction will bring a whole new audience to the Pollinator Project, but she also wanted to highlight the artistic talent harboured in Guernsey.