‘Fictional figures’ quoted for service – Trident boss

HERM ISLAND’S management has been accused by Travel Trident of quoting ‘fictional figures’.

Travel Trident managing director Peter Wilcox. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 30119127)
Travel Trident managing director Peter Wilcox. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 30119127)

Trident manager and director Peter Wilcox has clarified why the ferry service had decided not to operate to Herm during the winter. The service is finishing at the end of October.

‘Figures being quoted by an individual and his followers are far from the truth,’ he said.

While not giving figures for the contract, Mr Wilcox, who signed the statement as being from his family too, said he would be prepared to provide them in person and that this would show ‘why we can no longer trust a business that plays around with figures to suit their circumstance’.

He said that Trident operated a year-round service and provided free travel for many people, including residents, their close friends and family, casual staff and trades people.

It also gave free transportation for milk churns, laundry, consumables, post, residents’ grocery shopping and more.

Then there were the popular Christmas shopping trips and Mr Wilcox said Herm Island paid a small contribution to Trident for the service up to 2019.

‘Herm Island decided not to contribute in 2020,’ he said.

‘We are contemplating running a March 2022 promotion and the season will kick off properly as of April, we will not be asking Herm to contribute. We are sorry that we’ve had to address the matter publicly but the continued deception forced our hand.’

He went on to say that a proposal from Herm to increase passenger boat fares by 15-20% to subsidise its business was wrong.

He thanked his company’s staff and said that the company would stand strong. Full-time staff would continue to be employed over the winter, with seasonal staff returning in April 2022.

‘Trident is here to stay providing we can rely on your continued support.’

A statement from Herm Island senior management thanked Trident for its ‘excellent ferry service’ to the island in the summer.

‘We regret that Trident have decided to withdraw their winter service and their derogatory comments, but hugely welcome their assurance that their services will resume next spring.

‘Long may Trident continue to provide services to Herm and prosper.’

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