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Response ‘overwhelming’ for second Covid Conversation

IT WAS standing room only at the latest Channel Islands Integrative Health Alliance’s talk, with organisers describing the response as overwhelming.

St Pierre Park was the venue for the event Covid Conversations Part Two: The Truth Revealed, which heard from retired paediatrician Dr Ros Jones. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 30200089)

A full room of people at St Pierre Park Hotel listened to guest speakers discuss concerns surrounding vaccinations, the impact of the pandemic on children and censorship.

Covid Conversations Part Two: The Truth Revealed organiser Laura Anderson estimated there were more than 300 people there on Monday night and said the turn-out was fantastic.

‘It was quite a journey getting this up and running, so this is quite overwhelming,’ she said, following the event being blocked from happening at the States-owned Performing Arts Centre.

‘There has been tremendous feedback and people have said how motivated they are.’

The event followed a talk at Les Cotils, which saw 150 people attend in September.

This time, Panda – Pandemics Data and Analytics – chairman Nick Hudson returned and spoke further about lockdowns and vaccinations.

UK Reform Party leader Richard Tice spoke about politics and censorship, and retired paediatrician Dr Ros Jones discussed the impact of the pandemic on children and risk benefit balance for vaccinating under 18s.

‘The ethics of expecting children to protect adults is completely wrong – they are not at risk so it’s not right,’ Dr Jones said.

Ms Anderson said there was a variety of people with different views in the audience, and the event’s Facebook livestream already has over 2,400 views.

‘The community is on it and we need to give people credit for common sense,’ she added.

‘The reason I stand up and speak out is because I have something to say. Once your eyes are open, you can’t close them again.’

Two deputies attended – Deputy Lester Queripel and Deputy John Gollop – compared to five deputies going to the first talk.

‘It was extremely disappointing as there were three international speakers who talk globally on these matters in a very informed and scientifically-sound way,’ Ms Anderson said.

Deputy Queripel said he was concerned States members were not in attendance, but was glad to see so many members of the public.

‘It concerns me because if I was opposed to anything, I would still go to a meeting where an alternative view was being presented,’ he said.

‘I was very encouraged to see the number of people there and it was certainly progress from the last one – the people there were very much in listening mode, asking questions and finding out what the concerns are.’