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Guernsey pays fond farewell to Corders

WELL-WISHERS gave the Lt-Governor Vice Admiral Sir Ian Corder and Lady Corder a warm send off yesterday, as they left the island to embark on their new life in Norfolk.

Lt-Governor Sir Ian Corder and Lady Corder left Government House for the last time yesterday and Beechwood and Acorn House pupils lined the driveway to bid them farewell. (Picture by Peter Frankland. 30238472)

Sir Ian attended and addressed the morning’s States meeting, followed by a short gathering at Government House.

Chief of Staff Major Marco Ciotti said: ‘It’s hard to believe it’s been five-and-a-half years.

‘So much has happened in the world as well as in Guernsey and it’s quite a different situation now to what he arrived in.

‘You get used to having them around.

‘It’s similar to being in the army – you get used to working with the commanding officer and then they change over.

‘It’s part of the rhythm of military life.'

Members of the community joined at Government House to see the Lt-Governor off as he made his final departure from his home of the last five years, walking down the driveway with Lady Corder and pet dog Milo.

Community groups who have developed close relationships with the pair over the term were in attendance, as well as children from the neighbouring Elizabeth College Acorn House, several deputies and members of staff.

Lady Corder served as the patron of Autism Guernsey, and members said it would be a shame to see her leave.

Charity member Sandra Robilliard said she had come to develop a friendship with Lady Corder over the years.

‘It is very sad for Guernsey to see her go, she’s done so much for all of us.’

The afternoon was closed off with a teary, final farewell at the Aiglle Hangar, where those close to the couple said goodbye and wished them luck on their next chapter of their lives.