Family’s help appeal to solve French catastrophe

A CHRISTMAS catastrophe has unravelled a family’s plans of a very meowy Christmas celebration together.

It would have been the first time Dominic Burnard, 39, and his partner from Germany, 38, had spent the holidays together with their three cats in their new home in St Martin’s.

However, travel restrictions and a devastating oversight have ended with the couple’s fur-baby, Mia, spending Christmas at a kennel in St Malo, France.

Mr Burnard had travelled to Germany at the end of November to help bring his partner, Taybe, and the cats, Tiberius, Layla, and Mia to Guernsey for the holidays.

They were due to take the Condor ferry from St Malo to St Peter Port on 28 November, when it was discovered Mia did not have a proper up-to-date rabies vaccination for travel.

‘Honestly, there was an oversight in that we didn’t realise that the rabies vaccinations were so short-lived,’ said Mr Burnard.

‘Our other two cats both had them quite recently, so they weren’t an issue.’

However, Mia had to be booked into the Pension de la Salmonais kennel in St Malo to await the validation of her new up-to-date vaccine.

‘Initially we booked the Condor to take us over on 28 December, to return on the 30th, but that’s gone south due to the new French travel restrictions,’ said Mr Burnard.

‘We’ve taken steps to get Mia home, but they just keep failing.’

The new French restrictions have drastically limited the couple’s options as French travellers have been urged to cancel non-necessary trips to the UK, and British citizens may not travel to France for business or leisure.

Mia posed with owner Taybe, the partner of Dominic Burnard.)

The couple are appealing for help after 28 December to get Mia to Guernsey safely.

‘Ideally, we’re looking for someone who is a British citizen travelling to Guernsey from France by car, and that they would be able to bring Mia with them after 28 December,’ said Mr Burnard.

The family describe Mia as a shy, friendly girl who chirps and squeaks when happy.

‘Mia is an important part of our little family. She dotes on Layla and Taybe, and is a playmate for Tiberius. Tiberius especially is missing his play-time partner,’ he said.

‘This was intended to be our first Christmas together in what is to be our new home, making sure that everyone would be happy here before the permanent move happens.

‘While the kennel seems to be doing a wonderful job, leaving her there for so long unexpectedly would be too much for us to bear, so we need to get her back into her loving home.’

. Mr Burnard can be contacted by email at

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