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Ladies’ College launches new wellbeing hub

THE Ladies’ College Senior School has launched a new Wellbeing Hub to help support pupils, teachers and patents.

Leyla Luff, senior prefect for The Ladies’ College Wellbeing Action Team. (30480500)

The college, which won a national wellbeing award last year, is the only school locally to currently provide the service.

Designed by health and wellbeing experts ‘Teen Tips’, the interactive platform sets out to meet the social, emotional and educational needs of young people, as well as providing preventative mental health resources for the entire college community.

‘The Wellbeing Hub is a fantastic step for The Ladies’ College,’ said Leyla Luff, senior prefect for the Wellbeing Action Team at The Ladies’ College.

‘It is full of information for parents and students, and answers lots of relevant questions many of us find ourselves asking. It’s definitely worth logging into, there’s something for everyone.’

The hub is accessible 24/7 and also provides resources tailored to parents and staff.

‘I found the parenting course for teens absolutely brilliant, it gave me excellent insights into a teenager’s brain,’ said one parent.

‘I’m enjoying using some of the tools such as reflective listening and giving positive feedback, rather than getting bogged down by the negative.’

Deputy principal pastoral Dr Vanessa Mitchell was thrilled to launch the service.

‘It provides a wealth of resources for students, staff and their families who can access what is relevant and most helpful for their individual circumstance,’ she said.

‘The monthly wellbeing webinars, parenting courses and the wide variety of student wellbeing activities are just some of the aspects of the platform that serve to further strengthen our pastoral provision at The Ladies’ College.’