Alderney company's Ukraine flag jumpers raise valuable funds

AN ALDERNEY company is knitting jumpers in the colours of the Ukrainian flag free of charge, with all money from purchases going towards humanitarian support for Ukraine.

Martyn Lunn in front of the Channel Jumper knitting machine, wearing a Ukraine jumper.
Martyn Lunn in front of the Channel Jumper knitting machine, wearing a Ukraine jumper.

Channel Jumper owner Chris Kronwitter said the company was covering all the costs, including wool and shipping, and the £100 price of each jumper would be sent to the official fundraising platform of the UK Embassy of Ukraine,

‘We motivate people to donate £100 and they will get a jumper for free,’ he said. ‘We have already started and it’s starting to pick up nicely.’

Mr Kronwitter said the jumpers were knitted from sunflower yellow and sky blue wool, and each took about two-and-a-half hours to make.

The body panels and sleeves of the jumpers were made by a knitting machine before being linked together manually.

‘The jumper looks nice and the colours are bright,’ he added. ‘People can wear the colours to support Ukraine.’

Even if people did not want a jumper, Channel Jumper encouraged them to donate to help the people in Ukraine.

‘If they want to just donate, that’s even better,’ Mr Kronwitter said.

‘It’s up to everyone, if you don’t want to do it, there’s no obligation.’

Customers will receive proof of payment, via PayPal, from Channel Jumper to the charity.

‘We must stand up for our rights and our freedom,’ Mr Kronwitter said.

‘People are dying every day and they are innocent – they didn’t do anything. We have to do what we can do and we must fight to stop it.’

Channel Jumper has raised £500 already, which has been donated to the charity.

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