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Clocks go forward at 1am for British Summer Time

CLOCKS officially spring forward at 1am tomorrow [Sunday] and while many nowadays will change automatically, some will be still have to be done by hand.

Chris Starr will be manually changing the clock at St Martin’s Church this weekend when we move to British Summer Time. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 30652608)

One such clock will be the one in St Martin’s Church that dates from 1836. Sexton Chris Starr has been looking after it now for just over a year.

‘The clock chimes every 15 minutes so moving it forward by an hour is not very difficult,’ he said.

‘Moving it backwards by 11 hours in the autumn takes a lot more work and is a huge job.’

The clock loses about two minutes each month and Mr Starr said it was adjusted about every four weeks.

The pendulum was driven by a system of weights that were suspended in the tower and these days the weights were raised by electric motors.

Unless breakfast in bed is provided, mothers may lose out on an hour between the sheets as this year the clocks will go forward on their annual day.