Jubilee events low key after the big Liberation Day effort

JUST a handful of parish-organised events are planned for the Jubilee, with churches stepping in to help organise events for several others.

To commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012, a street party was held by the Forest Parish at Petit Bot. But this year the parish has just planted a tree to mark event and has not planned any public celebrations. (30851477)
To commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012, a street party was held by the Forest Parish at Petit Bot. But this year the parish has just planted a tree to mark event and has not planned any public celebrations. (30851477)

Eight out of 10 parishes put on events for Liberation Day, which was supported with funding from the States.

But with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend coming less than four weeks later, some parish officials said they were suffering fatigue.

St Andrew’s put on a big party at the Last Post for Liberation Day, but apart from encouraging parishioners to leave bunting up, no event is taking place for the Jubilee.

‘We did a lot for Liberation Day,’ said senior constable Martin Thwaite.

‘Our feeling is the States are running some events, so they had an opportunity to do something different.’

Forest douzaine has planted a tree at its cemetery to mark the celebration, but decided not to organise an event.

Dean Jonathan Le Moignan said they had put on a big event at the Mallard for Liberation and it was decided it was too much to ask the volunteers to put on another a few weeks later.

‘It’s a hell of a lot of work and we’ve only got so many people to help out,’ he said.

Castel senior constable Kelvin Hudson said they were holding a douzaine meeting last night to discuss the Jubilee.

‘There is nothing formal being planned, as we put everything into Liberation Day,’ he said.

‘But I am anticipating proposing having Fairfield available for family picnics.’

St Peter’s junior constable Tim Langmead said the parish had also put all of its efforts into Liberation Day, but the church was putting on an event.

Parish rector Adrian Datta said they were organising an event that would spread across Les Buttes, the rectory garden and church, with live music and a Jubilee hat competition.

‘It’s been a difficult couple of years for a lot of people, so this is an opportunity to come together and celebrate.’

St Saviour’s has also turned to the church, with the annual flower festival being brought forward by a few weeks to coincide with the celebrations and have a Jubilee theme.

It will run from the Thursday to the Sunday.

But some douzaines are putting on events.

After not doing an event for Liberation Day, St Sampson’s has teamed up with Vale to put on a Jubilee Jamboree on L’Islet Common, which will include food and music.

St Martin’s is focusing its plans on the lighting of the Jerbourg beacon, with live music during the evening of 2 June.

Senior constable Dave Beausire said they planned to create a big beacon at the car park, which will hopefully be seen from Jersey.

Torteval is doing a joint parish/church event, with a church service at 2.30pm on Thursday 2 June, followed by a bring and share lunch at 3pm in the grounds of the church.

St Peter Port is still firming up its plans, but it is planning to hold a celebration in Cambridge Park On Thursday 2 June.

There will be an inflatable pitch and an arts and crafts area, as well as games.

Parishioners are encouraged to design, make and wear a ‘hat fit for a queen’.

It is smaller than the 2012 Diamond Jubilee celebrations, when at least seven parishes put on events, and some put on more than one.

Parish events

St Sampson’s and Vale

Friday 3 June, 11am-6pm, Jubilee jamboree on L’Islet Common. There will be a street party, competitions and live music.

St Peter’s Church

Saturday 4 June, 2pm-5.30pm. A picnic on Les Buttes, with live music, plant stall and hat competition.

St Martin’s

Thursday 2 June, 8.30pm-9.45pm. The evening at Jerbourg will include live jazz music, as well as pipes and drums.

It will culminate in the lighting of the Jubilee beacon at 9.45pm.

St Saviour’s Church

Thursday 2 June to Sunday 5 June. The Jubilee flower festival will be held at the parish church.

St Peter Port

Thursday 2 June, noon-4pm. A fun day will take place at Cambridge Park. More details to come.


Thursday 2 June, 2.30pm church service, followed by a bring and share lunch in the grounds of the church at 3pm.

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