Islanders welcome release of Bailiwick’s sponsorship scheme

THE highly-anticipated release of the Bailiwick’s sponsorship scheme for housing Ukrainian refugees has been welcomed by islanders keen to help.

Russia Ukraine War (30864394)
Russia Ukraine War (30864394)

Changes to immigration laws have been made, as well as extensive work to enable appropriate support to be put in place.

Quentin Bregg has a top floor with two bedrooms and a shared bathroom, which he put forward for the scheme, and was happy things were moving forward.

‘I think it’s great – it’s a positive thing,’ he said.

‘It’s about time and it’s a shame it took so long but I appreciate a lot of things had to be thought out and planned behind the scenes.’

Mr Bregg, a local lawyer, has not yet been spoken to by the States, as people with self-contained units will be the first points of contact initially.

‘The approach by the States approaching people who have self-contained units first is probably the way to go and a good decision,’ he said.

‘We haven’t been told anything yet.’

He hoped more details would soon be released about how the policy compared to the UK’s plan.

‘There is still some uncertainty about the parameters of the project – in what ways is it the same and in what ways does it differ from the UK model?’

John Donaldson from Alderney was also pleased that Ukrainian refugees would soon be able to come to the Bailiwick. He has two spare bedrooms at his family home, which he hopes might help someone.

‘Hopefully there will be interest in families to come over to the Channel Islands,’ he said.

‘They are going through turmoil really and I just thought if we could help, we could put ourselves forward.’

It was good that the policy had been released, he added.

‘It is good they have got over the hurdles.

‘We just need to get them here and help them out if we can.’

He agreed that it was the right decision to contact people with self-contained units first.

‘It’s a sensible thing because like everyone, some people will want their own peace and quiet. Hopefully the war will end soon and they will be able to go back home, start rebuilding, and be with their families.’

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