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Le Rondin pupils enjoy Kids Day Out at Vazon

CHILDREN from Le Rondin School enjoyed a morning on the beach as part of Rotary Guernesiais’ annual Kids Out Day, which takes place nationally on the first Wednesday in June.

Le Rondin schoolchildren enjoying Rotary Guernesiais’ Kids Out Day on Vazon beach. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 30902919)

There were 18 children from Years 1 and 2 playing at Vazon and building sandcastles before having lunch at Crabby Jacks, where they were joined by music teacher Julia Jager for some singing.

Rotary Guernesiais service group chairwoman Hannah Laidlow said the charity had worked with Le Rondin for years, but this was its second time organising the children to come to Vazon.

‘It’s wonderful. All the children and staff love it,’ she said.

‘It has proved very successful.’

The children were given a bag containing a cap, bucket, spade and colouring.

‘It’s the most fun thing we do,’ Mrs Laidlow said.

The day had been highly anticipated by the children, said Le Rondin Key Stage One lead Jen Spencer.

‘They have been very excited and they really looked forward to coming out to the beach and for lunch.’

She said it was important for them to enjoy some time on the beach with their friends.

‘It’s a lovely opportunity for them to come play on the beach and interact with different people,’ Miss Spencer said.

‘We are very grateful for the Rotary Club for arranging this for us.’

Helping out with the Rotarian volunteers was Louise Cripwell, the Lt-Governor’s wife, who is the club’s patron.

‘We are having a fantastic time,’ she said.

‘It’s so beautiful and the children are so lucky to be able to come here with their teachers.’