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Theatre group brings Shakespeare to Sark

SHAKESPEARE’S work will be featured on the stage in Sark once again this weekend, however this time with a personal twist.

The Sark Theatre Group is performing its new show this weekend, titled Shakespeare on Sark. Theatre member Sue Daly wrote the play and designed the costumes herself. (30895017/77)

Sue Daly of the Sark Theatre Group has written a play about a visit to Sark by the playwright, which then links into another of his plays.

‘It is set in 1595 and Helier de Carteret has been the first Seigneur of Sark for 30 years and invites Queen Elizabeth I for the celebration,’ she said.

‘The event includes a performance of the winning play in a competition and the up-and-coming playwright, William Shakespeare, visits the island to direct the play.’

Ms Daly added that during this time period, London was in a lockdown-type situation due to the Bubonic plague, which correlates with the Covid pandemic, and the Royal visit echoes the recent royal celebrations.

The play was written in November and the 14 cast members have been rehearsing since January.

Ms Daly has made all of the costumes herself.

‘I’m not a professional by any means but making the costumes is my favourite part,’ she said.

‘If I’m able to give people a costume in which they feel fabulous then that is a success to me.’

The play is family-friendly, contains lots of humour and is suitable for all, regardless on their knowledge of Shakespeare.

The performance takes place under canvas in the grounds of Grand Dixcart, next to Stocks Hotel, at 7.30pm tomorrow and Saturday.

Tickets are £15 for adults and £10 for children, and are available from Hatter’s in the Avenue in Sark, or can be booked directly from Ms Daly at

The audience are being encouraged to arrive early and bring a picnic, or alternatively get food next door from Stocks Hotel.