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Pride of Guernsey: Bryan Brehaut

BRYAN BREHAUT has been put forward for the Grandparent/s of the Year award, sponsored by the Channel Islands Co-operative Society.


‘Granddad always put everyone before himself,’ said nominator Sophie Driscoll.

‘There did come a time when Granddad had no choice but to put himself before his family and his kindness was recognised.

‘Granddad received a BEM for his long and committed service to the Boys’ Brigade, which was by far my proudest moment.

‘This was a truly well deserved medal for someone who was truly amazing and the biggest inspiration to us all.

‘Further to this, he spent the past five or so years caring for my Grandma, who suffers with dementia. He did everything he could to hide this from everyone, so they wouldn’t worry, and not once did he ask for help when she started deteriorating quickly. He did everything to look after her and, again, despite wanting to travel the world, put her first and became her full-time carer.

‘Unfortunately, earlier this year he passed away very suddenly, due to cancer which spread to his brain. This came as a huge shock to us all, as he was so fit and healthy and never complained or made a fuss. As long as we were happy, he was happy.

‘An article was published by one of his colleagues titled ‘Is There Anyone Like Bryan Left in Finance?’ after he passed away and I think this confirms the amazing impact he had on others.’

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