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Pride of Guernsey: Flying Christine III crew

THE crew of the Flying Christine III have been nominated for Emergency Hero of the Year.


‘The Flying Christine III is staffed totally by very dedicated volunteers, who turn out at all times of the day and night, sometimes more than once a day/night, to ensure the other islands of the baliwick, cruise ships or other vessels get emergency/life saving medical attention when needed,’ said Vanda Slann in putting them forward for the Medical Specialist Group-sponsored award.

The marine ambulance is provided by the St John Ambulance Guernsey charity and crewed by expert volunteers from the local marine community, who make up a panel of coxswain, engineers and navigators.

The medical crew is made up of professional paramedics and medical technicians from Guernsey’s Emergency Ambulance Service.

‘These volunteers often miss out on family occasions to help save unwell patients and will be on standby 24/7.

‘It’s a huge commitment and they get very little recognition and deserve to be nominated.

‘The jobs can be very dangerous at times and they all turn up and put their all into each call-out.

‘These volunteers are on standby as they simultaneously work their normal job and live their day to day lives.’

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