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Multi-storey car park suggested for airport

MULTI-STOREY parking could be installed at the airport as a way to mitigate issues for islanders caused by taxi shortages.

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The States’ Trading & Supervisory Board wants to demolish this States-owned property near the entrance to the airport in order to expand its car park. (Picture by Luke Le Prevost, 31294604)

The number of people choosing to leave their cars for the duration of their trip away has increased, meaning the car park is regularly at maximum capacity.

‘We are evaluating the possibility of putting in multi-deck parking,’ said States’ Trading Supervisory Board member Stuart Falla.

‘People are leaving their cars for longer and that is a valuable income stream for the airport.’

The committee is considering making a bid for permission to demolish a small house on the right of the car park entrance, which is currently owned by the States, to create more spaces.

‘We’re hoping that could help solve the issue,’ said Mr Falla.

Islanders and tourists have frequently reported struggling to find transport from the airport after a flight due to the lack of taxis.

While the airport comes under the mandate of STSB, Mr Falla said the taxi issue was an endemic problem that Environment & Infrastructure needed to resolve.

Deputy John Dyke asked STSB at the Scrutiny Management hearing whether the airport could play a role in contacting taxi companies when it is particularly busy.

‘There has been such a fundamental failure of the whole public transport system in relation to taxis, you could contact all the taxis and there still could be none available to come,’ said STSB president Peter Roffey.