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Alderney to spend £430,000 providing ambulance service

THE States of Alderney is expecting to pay more than £430,000 for the island’s ambulance service next year.

(Picture by David Nash)

The details were released in its 2023 Budget, confirming arrangements as Alderney announced that Guernsey’s St John Emergency Ambulance Service is going to be running its service in the future.

There has been period of upheaval in Alderney’s ambulance service.

In 2019, the chief officer was sacked and the volunteer crew went on strike. It led to the States of Alderney needing to take responsibility for the service.

In 2022 it had been estimated this would cost £70,000, but this has ballooned to actually cost £420,000.

The Alderney 2023 Budget put next year’s ambulance costs at £438,000.

This week’s announcement confirmed that in future the Alderney service will operate as an extension of the Guernsey one, under the clinical governance framework and leadership of the St John Emergency Ambulance Service.

Recruitment for qualified or trainee ambulance clinicians in Alderney is due to begin immediately, with the responsibility moving to St John from the start of 2023.

The funding model for the service is based on the States of Alderney bearing the full costs of the operation.

Alderney’s Policy & Finance chairman Ian Carter it was excited about the future of the ambulance service.

‘We would like to express our thanks to our current locum provider and our dedicated volunteers who have worked tirelessly to ensure no break in service over the past year.’

Guernsey’s chief ambulance officer Mark Mapp said St John had supported Alderney for several decades with mutual aid.

‘Now the time is right to extend our assistance and expertise to our sister island,’ he said.

‘The operating model considers the most cost-effective and clinically safe and sustainable approach for Alderney at this moment in time.

It is hoped that the majority of operations will be underpinned by on-island staff and volunteers.

Policy & Resources committee lead on matters relating to Bailiwick relationships, Deputy Mark Helyar, said the agreement aimed to create a more resilient and sustainable model of care, which supports the health and wellbeing of the Alderney community.

The States of Alderney also thanked ID Medical, a private ambulance provider, which has been running the ambulance service in Alderney on a temporary basis.