Husband and wife ‘brave the shave’

A HUSBAND and wife duo ‘braved the shave’ yesterday in front of a class of students to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Both lecturers at the College of Further Education, Martine and Simon Ellis were upbeat as they had their heads shaved with an audience of hairdressing students.

Mrs Ellis has suffered with alopecia for more than five years and the condition was getting worse, so shaving her head was something she had spoken about doing, but as soon as Mr Ellis said he would do it with her, her mind was made up.

‘I wore a hair piece which got really uncomfortable and it got to a point where I was thinking “what do I do next?’’’ she said.

‘I’ve worn head scarves and so I thought that my hair was hidden anyway and I might as well shave it, but now it’s done I love it.

‘I was a little nervous before, and I thought it might have been a mistake agreeing to do it in front of a group people but it was definitely the right decision.’

Mr Ellis said he had not been nervous before the shave, as he was keeping his beard.

The pair also made the event a teachable moment, and Mrs Ellis spoke to the hairdressing students about her experience with alopecia, and how to correctly treat clients with the condition.

She said that she was unsure whether she was going to maintain the bald hairstyle, but she was going to sit with it for a few days, and was excited to try out next head scarves and wigs.

‘I feel that by shaving my head, I was taking the control back and putting myself first again,’ she said.

‘It feels great now that it’s done, it’s definitely going to be weird going outside, having that first shower and sleeping on a pillow but I can’t stop touching it.

‘I think everyone should shave their head once in their lifetime and raise some money for charity.’

The fundraising goal for the event was £500, but by the time of the shave, more than £1,200 had already been raised.

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