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P&R president offers debate to GST opponent

POLICY & Resources president Deputy Peter Ferbrache has offered to have a public debate with Liam McKenna, after Deputy McKenna published a video against GST.

Deputy Liam McKenna. (Picture by Luke Le Prevost, 31542986)

Deputy McKenna has argued that a generation of islanders was being pushed out of the island by rising costs and bringing in a goods and services tax would only add to this.

In the short clip, he reminded islanders that in 2019 there was a warning that the States was spending more than it raised.

‘Nothing’s been done to change any of the spending,’ he said.

Deputy McKenna said he agreed with Deputy Charles Parkinson that millions could be raised by increasing corporation tax.

In quoting treasury lead Deputy Mark Helyar he said that the island had been warned that without GST the States would have to cut jobs.

‘So there we have it – GST on everything we buy or consume, or is needed to improve the island or our quality of life for our children and our grandchildren, to pay for civil servants.’

This at a time when the Bank of England’s governor has said the UK was facing the greatest recession in its history, he said.

He believed that once GST had been brought in, it would go up, and tax reductions being proposed would end up increasing again.

This, coupled with other financial pressures, was pushing a generation away from Guernsey, he said.

Deputy McKenna set out his opposition to GST in his election manifesto and said his opinion had not changed.

Deputy Ferbrache has offered to face Deputy McKenna in a public debate or head-to-head interview.