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Smoother security screening as Guernsey Airport trials new rules

Some air travellers are not having to take their electrical items or liquids out of their hand luggage when going through security at Guernsey Airport.

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Guernsey Airport is part of a UK Department of Transport security trial and some passengers may not have to take liquids and electrical items out of their hand luggage. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 31604213)

With changes to airport security rules being announced in the UK, Guernsey is taking part in a trial using its newly-installed screening equipment.

This is capable of scanning electrical items like mobile phones, tablets and laptops while they are still in a bag.

It can also detect liquids, although for the time being the limit of 100ml of liquids in hand baggage will remain.

An airport spokesman said that the island had been approved to take part in the trial by the UK’s Department for Transport.

However, it applies only to one of the airport’s two security lanes.

The secondary lane still requires large electricals and liquids to be removed.

Even those using the primary lane might see some of their items needing extra screening, in line with aviation security regulations set by the UK, which is a legal requirement.

The spokesman said that, pending approval by the UK department, the new screening technology will be introduced on the secondary lane at a later date.

Moves are also afoot in the UK to do away with the 100ml limit on liquids, possibly raising it to two litres, but currently the 100ml rule still applies to all passengers leaving Guernsey.