The tax debate: In-depth interviews

Ahead of this week's term-defining tax review debate, Simon De La Rue speaks to some of the key players making the case for and against GST in a series of interviews on the Guernsey Press Politics Podcast.

The tax review debate, which begins on Wednesday, will see deputies consider the introduction of a goods and services as part of a suite of measures being proposed by the Policy & Resources Committee to tackle a projected deficit in the island's public finances.

That plan from P&R is being challenged by a number of deputies, with at least three moves being made to delay any decision on GST or take it off the table.

  • The tax debate: Deputy Peter Roffey on P&R's 'progressive plan'


Deputy Peter Roffey — Employment & Social Security president and member of the tax review panel presenting the case for introducing GST — responds to the two major challenges to P&R's plan and talks about why he thinks the package of measures it is proposing are best for the island.

  • The tax debate: Deputy Heidi Soulsby on a 'fairer alternative' to GST


Former deputy chief minister Heidi Soulsby talks about her 'fairer alternative' to the tax review plan, which she is bringing to the States alongside former chief minister Gavin St Pier in the form of an amendment to this week's debate.

  • The tax debate: Deputy Chris Blin on why he's saying 'no to GST'


Deputy Chris Blin talks about why he has got behind the 'Say No to GST' campaign, and where he would like to see the tax debate go instead, ahead of a major planned public demonstration this weekend.

  • The tax debate: Deputy Peter Ferbrache and Deputy Carl Meerveld


Simon De La Rue is joined by the man leading the case for GST — P&R president Deputy Peter Ferbrache — and the man who, through a sursis or delaying motion, wants it taken off the table at the first opportunity — Deputy Carl Meerveld — to explore the arguments both ways and talk about what this week's debate will mean for the island and the assembly.

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