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Julia Hands named new Guernsey FC chairwoman

There is a new pair of hands at the Guernsey FC tiller.

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Julia Hands is the new chairperson of Guernsey FC. (Picture by Tony Curr, 31719574)

Julia Hands, who is well known as the driving force behind the club’s main sponsor Hand Picked Hotels and says that football is a ‘huge passion’ of hers, is the new chairwoman of the Green Lions.

She replaces club co-founder Mark Le Tissier, who has stepped down for what GFC describe as ‘a well-earned rest’ after being in the role since 2016.

‘On the island the football club has a real role to play, but it is a very expensive endeavour with all the associated costs, so we were very happy to sponsor that and then I thought “well, it would be quite interesting to see how the inner workings of the club go”,’ Hands told the Guernsey Press.

‘The sponsorship was the first step and the involvement on the board is the second.'

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‘I think it will be a very interesting journey actually. I like the other board members, I knew most of them before I joined, and I’ve got a lot of respect for the work they do to keep the show on the road.’

The GFC board have taken the opportunity to review the roles and responsibilities of its directors and team of volunteers to meet the continuing challenges and workloads involved in maintaining standards in all aspects of the club.

Paul O’ Neill has also joined as a director, replacing Jez Robin who has stepped down.

‘There are quite a few ideas we’ve got, but I think we’ll hold off on announcing those until they’ve got more flesh on them. Certainly, there’s some interesting, stimulating ideas,’ said Hands.

‘It’s on a very firm footing in terms of the commitment of those currently involved, so a little bit more commitment, a little bit more in the way of innovation and activity I think will be a very good thing.’

The club will be releasing further details soon of an opportunity for fans to meet the board, players and volunteers, as GFC outline their vision for 2023.