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Greenacres resident Brenda shows how to cook ormer casserole

RESIDENTS of GreenAcres dementia care home were treated to an ormer casserole for lunch yesterday, with experienced ormer cook and resident Brenda Sealley demonstrating how to prepare and cook the molluscs.

GreenAcres resident Brenda Sealley preparing to fry the ormers. (31719163)

Deputy care manager Tania Russell said that the amount of ormers they had received meant that there was enough casserole to serve at least 15 people.

‘A lady called Michelle kindly donated 60 of them to us so there was plenty of preparation to do,’ she said.

‘Brenda was very enthusiastic and was in the kitchen at 8am this morning showing our head chef Chris Ryan how it was done, because he had never prepared or eaten ormers before.

‘After washing them, they battered and fried them before putting them in a casserole and leaving them to cook for a few hours so that they were ready in time for lunch in the early afternoon.’

Miss Russell added that the reason for using the ormers was because they helped trigger memories for those staying at GreenAcres.

‘Brenda has cooked ormers for years. They help remind her of when she used to cook them with her husband.

‘She also likes to talk about her neighbours, friends and family while she prepares them.

‘It’s very useful for her, and for all our residents, to be able to do something together like this,’ she said.