Derelict vehicles parked at States-owned KEVII

AT LEAST 10 vehicles, mostly vans, appear to have been abandoned in the car park of the former King Edward VII hospital.

The site was closed in 2014 and its future is unclear.

Following a crackdown on abandoned cars at the PEH by the States Property Unit, the Guernsey Press investigated what was happening at the site in the Castel.

It is possible to rent spaces at the site, and SPU said last night that it understood that almost all vehicles were in rented spaces, though a number of the vehicles have clearly not been moved in months or even years.

It confirmed it was aware of one vehicle technically abandoned, and the registered owner had been contacted in the past few days.

The Guernsey Press saw that many vehicles on the site have invalid insurance discs, with one dating back to 2016.

One of the vehicles has a plant growing from its bonnet and and insurance disc which expired in 2016. (31733689)

Almost all have considerable amounts of rust and moss on them, as well as flat tyres. Some even have weeds growing out of their bonnets.

Some of the vehicles had out-of-date HSC parking permits, with some from 2020.

A States Property Unit spokeswoman added that another vehicle was currently parked incorrectly and has a flat tyre, but the owners of the vehicle do lease spaces at the site and are arranging to move it into one of their spaces.

According to a response from Policy & Resources to a freedom of information request in February 2022, residents' parking on the King Edward VII site was introduced in 2015 in response to requests from those living nearby, and had been seen as an opportunity by P&R to generate some income while the site remained largely inactive.

People are able to rent a space on the site upon request, at a cost of £320 per annum, but due to the location and lack of amenities, spaces tend to only be requested by those who live in the immediate area.

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