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First leaflets detailing Games roads closures are delivered

THE huge task of informing islanders affected by road closures for NatWest Island Games events started at the weekend.

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Volunteer Michelle Scott, who was heavily involved in the logistics of the leaflet drop, was out herself on Saturday delivering them. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 31840386)

Some 6,000 leaflets will be delivered by 100 volunteers over the next few weeks to properties that will be affected by the temporary closures, which range from a few hours to full days.

‘The leaflets detail all of the road closures to do with the opening ceremony, the triathlon, cycling time trials and road race, but we’re giving them out with plenty of time so residents know when they’ll be affected,’ said volunteer Michelle Scott, who has been involved in organising the logistics and creating maps.

‘It may be the case that people cannot get to their houses, but the closures will be done in sections with opportunities for them to be able to get out.’

Some islanders will have limited access to their homes and some will have no access during events, but the emergency services will maintain full access to all roads.

‘If someone has to get out of their house in an emergency then there will always be a way out,’ said Mrs Scott.

‘If they have to stop a race for something like an accident then they will, so it’s not as if people won’t be able to get out if there is an emergency.’

Residents on the coast, from the Imperial Hotel to the Puffin & Oyster, will be affected by the closures, as well as some routes inland and in the upper parishes.

Sixty volunteers will be working the upper parishes to deliver the leaflets, with 40 covering Town.

‘It’s been difficult trying to work out the routes, and giving volunteers the right amount of houses to deliver to, but people seem very keen to get involved and help to hand them out,’ said Mrs Scott.

She added that due to it being so early they had not yet received any feedback – positive or negative – on the closures, but said the Games would be a great advertisement for the island, which was only likely to happen once every 20 years.

Up to 3,000 athletes and team members from 24 islands will be participating in 14 sports from 8 to 14 July.

Islanders who do not live on scheduled route closures can pick up the leaflets from their constables’ office and other public buildings soon.

Queries regarding the closures should be directed to or phone 720215.